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Theresa Baumgartner

Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering Student

Originally from Austria, Theresa Baumgartner completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in petroleum engineering and petroleum economics. She chose to continue her study of petroleum engineering because of the complex, diverse nature of problems associated with drilling and data.

“It’s exciting because with small changes, you can completely alter the way things are done,” said Theresa. “The problems we deal with and solutions we find are extremely complex, and there is no end to it in the coming years. It’s an exciting field to be in.” 

Ebrahim Rasromani profile

M.S. Petroleum Engineering Student

Ebrahim Rasromani almost gave up on science. After completing his bachelor’s degree in engineering physics at Cornell University, he was conflicted with the major he had chosen.

“I didn’t like the career path that engineering physics was going to take me, but then I found SURI.” Ebrahim was accepted into UT PGE’s Summer Undergraduate Research Internship (SURI) and discovered his passion for petroleum engineering and love for The University of Texas at Austin.

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