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Need to Hire a Petroleum Engineer?
Please review the recent UT PGE graduates as well as current students seeking a full-time position or an internship. Contact the student or graduate directly. Thank you!
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42 Engineers available...
Student Status Position Sought      Resume      LinkedIn
Venkata AleSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Sean BrameMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Vivian ChangSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jungwoo ChoSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Hudson DavisSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Raleigh DavisSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Nicklaus DavisSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Xavier DongJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Mauricio Fiallos TorresMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Saadeddine HabbalSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jose Hernandez MejiaMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Valerie HoSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Nathan HsuSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Leo HuangSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Hannah KnaupSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Gulcan KoparalMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Matias KopinskySenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Brad LeslieBS Graduate       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Benjamin ListMS Graduate       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jeffery LuoMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Ahad MominJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jason NguyenJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Jennifer OlsonSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Arjun RamsunderSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Mitchell RileySenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Ian RostagnoMS Student       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Mark RucasJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Adrian SalinasFreshman       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Scott SchulteJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Rehan ShairaliJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Mauricio SotomayorSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Mitchell SteinsbergerSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Michelle TankimovichSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
James Taylor IIISenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Liem TranSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Amaan VarachiaSophomore       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Olivia WalkerSenior       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Denning WangMS Student       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Lee WatersMS Student       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Yuchen "Jack" XiaoSenior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn
Andrew YangMS Graduate       Full-time[download resume]    LinkedIn
Qinpei ZouJunior       Internship[download resume]    LinkedIn