Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Do you or your company need to add petroleum engineering talent?  Can’t find the right mix of skills and enthusiasm in this challenging oil and gas workforce market?  Now you can—through Hire A UT PE.

As all UT PGE alumni know, our graduates are the best in the business, ready to contribute significant and measurable value to  any corporation or project.  UT PGE will soon graduate a new class of petroleum engineers, and some of them are looking for the right opportunity.

Alumnus and student discuss jobs over a meal.
Bud Newton (BS PE '83) talks careers with a UT PGE student during the Fall 2010 EAC meeting.

What could one of these great new graduates do for you and your bottom line?

At the recommendation of the alumni-led UT PGE External Advisory Committee, we’ve created a new way for you or your company to find the right talent from our May 2011 graduating class through the Hire A UT PE page.  Click here to look over the online resumes of some of UT PGE’s finest talent.  Move fast—UT PGE graduates are the top-recruited petroleum engineers among hundreds of small, medium, and large independent and integrated energy companies.