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For each e-newsletter, UT PGE will feature profiles of students who are now or will soon start their senior year--putting the spotlight on their oil and gas internship experiences, and their accomplishments on campus. 


Sarah Hatley

UT PGE senior Sarah Hatley received an offer she couldn’t refuse from Baker Hughes: a summer internship in the great state of Alaska, which is twice the size of Texas and accounts for approximately 25% of the oil produced in the U.S. Sarah, who hails from Houston, will commute back-and-forth from Anchorage and Prudhoe Bay, which receives 24 hours of daylight in June. Get to know this UT PGE senior:

What do you think the biggest adjustments will be moving to Alaska?

The colder weather in the summertime, extended daylight and it’s my first time living out of state, so adjusting to the new environment so fast will be a fun challenge.

What are you most excited about?

Getting the opportunity to pick up and start something totally new, plus:  meeting people and expanding my connections; living somewhere different; and getting to experience field operations in a new environment.

What’s the focus of your project?

Drilling operations in Prudhoe Bay. I am hoping to learn about coil tubing drilling, and how operations vary in such cold temperatures because my last few summers involved drilling rigs in South Texas, so I think this will be an interesting change.

Have you received any advice about working in Alaska?

I have heard from people working in Prudhoe Bay that alarms go off whenever a bear comes onto the companies’ compounds, so I need to be careful of my surroundings when the alarm sounds. Also, my mom’s most important advice is to not get too homesick and call her frequently.

 What is the most important item you will pack?

Because the average temperature in Prudhoe Bay doesn’t usually break 40 degrees, I have to say my jacket!

Logan Studdert

logan - longhorns.edit

UT PGE rising senior Logan Studdert, originally from Spring, TX, is one of many UT PGE students taking advantage of unique internship opportunities offered by companies that recruit our best and brightest students.  Get to know this UT PGE senior:

Rumor has it you participated in an exciting internship last summer…

Yes, I actually spent half of my summer in Israel, and by Israel I don’t mean the small town in East Texas. I worked for Noble Energy as a drilling engineer on one of their offshore drilling and production platforms. I spent the rest of my internship working in their corporate headquarters in Houston. 

What did you enjoy the most about your internship?

My favorite thing about my internship was probably the feeling of being a part of such a monumental operation in Israel. The gas wells in Israel are bringing in a huge boost to Israel’s energy infrastructure. I got to witness some of the drilling, completions, and production of a few truly world-class wells that I may never get a chance to see, at least of that magnitude, again in my career.

Was that your first experience abroad?

Yeah, prior to last summer I had never traveled out of the United States. I definitely was not ready for the ten hour flight from Newark to Tel Aviv and the time difference, but I had a whole month to re-adjust. Security was pretty tight in Israel, but I eventually got my own Israeli port pass so that I could travel freely to and from the offshore platform.

What did you work on when you got back from Israel?

The latter part of my internship was spent in Houston working on what kind of subsea acoustic positioning equipment would be used in some of Noble’s future drilling operations in Israel. Also, with rig rates as high as they are, I put together an equipment deployment schedule in order to minimize the rig time dedicated to deploying the subsea equipment. It was a good opportunity in that I was given the freedom to set up my own meetings with suppliers and create a deployment scheme using my ideas.

What are your plans for this summer?

I am really excited about working for Newfield Exploration as a production engineering intern this summer. I will be back in Houston working for their Gulf of Mexico department. Newfield has made some large acquisitions recently, so I know they will have plenty of work to divide amongst the interns. It should be a great experience for my last summer internship as I will graduate next spring.