Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

UT PGE Professor Dr. Kishore Mohanty plans to launch a new Gas Enhanced Oil Recovery project that will feature an “all-star team” of 10 faculty members, who will each offer their niche expertise, to address some of the key issues of Gas EOR (GEOR).

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“The goal is to conduct research to improve sweep efficiency, multiphase flow measurement and scale-up in gas enhanced oil recovery processes, expanding the scientific knowledge in the area of gas enhanced oil recovery,” said Dr. Mohanty. GEOR is a successful EOR technique and has been practiced in many places including West Texas, Alaska and the North Sea.

A head shot of Dr. Kishore Mohanty.

Dr. Kishore Mohanty

Dr. Mohanty and his team are paving the way in terms of research for this specific area. “We are only obtaining 10-12 percent extra recovery from CO2 flooding right now and we want to see that number go up to 25 percent, which will make a large difference,” said Mohanty.

Although the project has yet to get off the ground, this is where alumni can be of assistance.  “To bring the project to fruition, we need support from companies in terms of funding, oils and cores, and industry-relevant ideas to make this successful,” said Mohanty.

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