Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Like many students in UT PGE, junior Patrick Marsh, a native of Spring, Texas, can be found in Dr. Larry Lake’s class learning about “geostatistics.” He can also be found in the UT Baseball bullpen warming up pitchers during a game. Marsh joined the baseball team his freshman year as a catcher, due to his love for the big school atmosphere.

Marsh’s father played an influential role as well for his athletic passion and work.

“My dad is a geologist for ExxonMobil and is a huge baseball fan, so we definitely have a lot to talk about,” he said.

Since Marsh entered UT he has been knocking it out of the park. This spring he was honored during the 2012 Academic Awards Presentation hosted by the UT Athletic Department with three highly distinguished awards, including:

  • 2012 Athletic Director's Honor Roll
  • 2012 Dorothy L. Smith Community Service Award, which recognizes student-athletes who have devoted their time and energy to enhancing the community
  • 2012 Lan Hewlett Academic MVP Award, presented to upperclassmen student-athletes who have achieved the highest cumulative GPA on their respective teams

Racking up all those honors is pretty impressive for a student who is mastering petroleum engineering.

“My position doesn’t receive the same recognition from fans as a player who hits a grand slam, so I really appreciated the off-the-field recognition for my hard work,” said Marsh.

One of the biggest challenges of student-athletes is balancing their time between practicing for games and studying for tests, although Marsh has figured out the formula.

“UT PGE has been a big support system for me,” said Marsh.  “Between study groups with classmates and Arletta Tompkins (UT PGE’s  Academic Advising Coordinator) keeping me on track with scheduling it really boils down to having good discipline and time management.”

While engineering and athletics do not generally go hand-and-hand, Marsh finds a lot of similarities.

“During my studies with wells, I found they have a strong connection to playing baseball – each one has its own characteristics and people must be willing to adapt, have a game plan and pull from past experiences to be successful,” said Marsh.

Dr. Lake also sees the tie between the two in Marsh.

“Patrick is a good baseball player and student.  His interest in geo-statistics is spurred by the statistics used extensively in baseball,” said Lake.

“Teamwork plays a major role in athletic and academic success, so I definitely recognize the importance of it,” Marsh said. “Specific to my position, the catcher gets the ball every pitch, so I’m essentially controlling the field, creating a great leadership role.”In addition, Marsh has taken a lot of transferable skills from the baseball field to the petroleum engineering field.

Marsh fits into the NCAA’s slogan in that he “plans to go pro in something other than sports.” He has an internship lined up this summer with Noble Energy in Denver and spent the previous summer with EOG Resources.

“It was pretty crazy last year that I went to the Omaha College World Series right before I started my summer position with EOG Resources – it was definitely an exciting week,” said Marsh. “I’m looking forward to gaining real world application and experience with Noble Energy – it’s a huge deal as it helps me excel as a student.”