Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Masters Reports



Masters Theses

Erdi Aydin. Numerical Simulation and History Matching of Steam-Foam Process to Enhance Heavy Oil Recovery. [PDF]

Katy Hanson. Isogeometric Analysis: Applications for Torque and Drag Models, Drillstring and Bottom-Hole Assembly Design. [PDF]

Adithya Suresh Kumar. A Study of a Novel Down-Hole Gas-Liquid Separator/Connector. [PDF]

Galang Bintang Ramadhan. The Foaming Behavior of a CO2-Soluble, Viscoelastic Diamine Surfactant in Porous Media. [PDF]

Jose Julian Salazar Neira. Heterogeneity Study of the Little Creek Field from Petrophysical Data. [PDF]

Denning Wang. Surfactant Retention in Limestones. [PDF]




Pengpeng Qi. The Effect of Polymer Viscoelasticity on Residual Oil Saturation. [PDF]

Igor Sovkun. Coupled Chemo-Mechanical Processes in Reservoir Geomechanics. [PDF]

Ke Xu. Construction and Validation of Microfluidic Platforms for Investigation of Multiphase Flow and Nanofluids in Porous Media. [PDF]

Jason York. Advanced Hydraulic Fracture Modeling: Peridynamics, Inelasticity, and Coupling to FEM. [PDF]

Testing for the Evaluation of Chemo
of CO
Storage Rocks