Industry Partners

The Hildebrand Department would not be home to the top undergraduate and graduate petroleum engineering programs without strong industry partnerships. From developing your company’s future oil, gas and subsurface engineering workforce to creating cleaner and more efficient technologies and business solutions, UT PGE collaborates with you to deliver an investment with an impact.

Recruiting Future Engineers: UT PGE Workforce Initiative

The Workforce Initiative program builds direct connections between individual UT PGE students and our corporate partners. The best and brightest engineering students are drawn to UT PGE thanks in part to undergraduate scholarships that Workforce Initiative partnerships make possible. Participating companies get access to these top students through events and opportunities throughout the year and benefit from these connections when looking to hire talented petroleum engineers.

Innovative Teaching and Research: Lab & Student Space Improvements

We collaborate with our partner companies to continuously improve our undergraduate and graduate curriculum and lab resources. Generous support from alumni and corporate partners enables us to develop new learning environments and equip our students with invaluable skills they can immediately apply upon graduating and entering the workforce.

Research Partnerships: Solving Tomorrow’s Energy Challenges

The oil and gas industry faces critical challenges producing cleaner, more efficient energy that is sustainable for an ever-expanding global population. UT PGE is home to some of the finest minds in the energy sector, working with key corporate partners to develop and refine radical new approaches to addressing these pressing worldwide energy challenges.