Transfer Students

If you are interested in applying as a transfer student, this section contains information about this process. There are several options to apply as a transfer.

Internal transfer – you are a current UT student who wants to transfer into PGE

External transfer – you are at another institution and want to apply to UT PGE

Transfer through CAP – you are a CAP student transferring to UT after 1 year

ACC to UT – a program launched in spring 2013

Internal Transfer

If you were not admitted into PGE, you can try to switch majors during summer orientation. A small number of students may be able to transfer into PGE before the beginning of the fall semester. However, this does not occur very often. If you decide to enroll at UT Austin in another department, you can try to be admitted into PGE through the internal transfer process. Visit the Cockrell School of Engineering website for a thorough explanation of the deadlines, requirements and basis for admission decisions regarding internal transfer. If you have additional questions about the internal transfer process, please contact the Student Affairs Office located in ECJ 2.200 by visiting the office or calling 512-471-4321.

External Transfer

Students seeking admission from other institutions are considered transfer students if they have completed 30 or more hours of transferable credit from other colleges or universities. For more information about how to apply as an external transfer student, visit the Office of Admissions transfer admissions website for more information about deadlines, application requirements, etc. If you are applying to engineering, you must meet some additional requirements. This information can be found at the Cockrell School of Engineering transfer website.

If you need to know which courses you have taken that will transfer over, there is information available on the UT website through ATE (Automated Transfer Equivalency). At this website, you will find a database of transfer credit evaluations for courses at Texas colleges and universities.

The deadline to apply as a transfer student is March 1.

Transfer through CAP

Coordinated Admissions Program (CAP) is an offer made to Texas residents who applied as first-time freshmen to UT Austin and were not admitted. If you are a participant in CAP, you will only have guaranteed admission into UT but not necessarily into the PGE department. CAP students may request (but are not guaranteed) admission to other colleges. Visit the CAP website for more information.


This program launched in March 2013 by the Office of Admissions available to freshman applicants in the top 10% of their senior class. See information about this co-enrollment program on the Office of Admission website.

Transfer FAQs

1. What are the minimum requirements for an external transfer applicant?

The University of Texas at Austin requires that transfer students have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in order to submit an application. You will need at least 30 hours of credit (this can include dual credit). Transfer students must have at least the equivalent of Mathematics 408D or M 408L or M 408M, Physics 303K and Physics 103M (lab). This must be shown on your college transcript at the time of application deadline.

2. What are my chances of getting in?

UT PGE is a competitive program and admission depends on space available in the program. There is no set of criteria that can be met that will guarantee acceptance. The Office of Admissions reviews all applications and makes decisions regarding who will be admitted. They receive a large number of outstanding transfer applications each year and can only accept a small number of external transfer students. To be competitive for admission, transfer students need to have an outstanding GPA as most applicants who are admitted have a 3.9 out of 4.0 GPA (or higher).

3. Can I apply for spring or summer admission?

No. Currently we only admit students in the fall semester only.

4. Will I be considered for scholarships as a transfer student?

There are limited external transfer scholarships available through the Cockrell School of Engineering. The PGE department does not award transfer scholarships the first semester a student is transferred into the department, either internally or externally.

After the first semester, all transfer students with a 3.0 GPA who have completed the engineering scholarship application are eligible to be considered for a departmental scholarship.