Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

In the first seven months of 2011, he will travel almost 42,000 miles, spanning four different continents – that is almost enough mileage to completely circle the globe twice. From the hot and humid weather in Malaysia to the bitter cold winter in Calgary, Alberta, Dr. Larry Lake has covered the hemispheres.

“My favorite part about traveling is meeting with former University of Texas students,” said Lake. He spoke with alumni in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia last January while advising on research.  While many UT Austin professors spend much of their time in a classroom, Dr. Lake frequently calls a plane his office so he is able to conduct research, consult for companies and learn the latest technology available around the globe to ensure he is providing his students with the best knowledge.

His favorite destination is Buenos Aires. “I like the people, the city has a great layout (it reminds me a lot of Europe), and of course I always enjoy an Argentinean steak dinner,” said Lake.

“One of my favorite overseas travel locations was Cairo, a location which Shahid Ullah, a former student from the 80’s, arranged a course for me in 1991,” said Lake. “The main reason that it was such a great trip was that every night after class, Shahid picked me up and off we went to see the sights: the Nile, the Egyptian Museum, the Mohammad Ali (the founder of modern Egypt, not the boxer) mosque and of course the pyramids. Shahid’s wife was out of town.”

At 65 years young, Dr. Lake has seen a lot of the world, but the one place still on his bucket list is Madrid. “When I was enrolled in Spanish classes it caught my eye; I always thought it looked interesting,” said Lake.

While Dr. Lake’s travels center around business, he made an exception in February and took the short journey to Midland, Texas to celebrate his 65th birthday. The party was hosted by UT PGE parents Javaid and Vicky Anwar. Alumni, parents, and friends attended the event to commemorate the birthday of the beloved professor.

Happy travels, Dr. Lake!

UPDATE: One of Dr. Lake’s former students is anonymously giving $10,000 to help endow a scholarship in his honor. If you want to let Dr. Lake know the impact he’s made on your life, please consider making a gift to the Larry W. Lake Scholarship. Our goal is to reach the Presidential Endowed Scholarship level of $50,000 since this is UT’s most prestigious scholarship program for top scholars and community leaders. With your support, Dr. Lake’s legacy will live on in the generations of PGE students who will benefit from his scholarship.