Degree Requirements

Applicants are not required to have a background in petroleum engineering. Students with a bachelor's degree other than petroleum engineering who have degrees in engineering, math, or sciences can also be considered for the study of advanced petroleum engineering.

There are no set minimum requirements as candidates are considered on their full application. However, students closer to the admittance averages are more competitive.

Number of Students 21
Number of Applicants 91
Average GRE Verbal 152
Average GRE Quantitative 161
Average GPA 3.6/4

Specific course work must be completed for PhD and MS students pre- and post-admission to the department. Please ensure you have met all requirements before you apply for the program and use the following links to PDFs as a checklist throughout your graduate student tenure.


PhD Degree Requirements

Required Background Courses: MS and PhD

Guidelines and Instruction for PhD Proposal Defense Exams